Slugfest 2020

In 2020 Fashion, Slugfest Was Rained Out.  

We Look Forward To Next Years Event.


2019 Slugfest Results


High School Div Home Run Derby Champ: Dylan Farmer                                     High School Div Home Run Derby Runner Up: Will Clements


Adult Div Home Run Derby Champ: Dennis Mendoza                                      Adult Div Home Run Derby Runner Up: Rudi Garcia

High School Division Champions: I'd Hit That

High School Division Runner Up: Scared Hitless

Adult Division Champions: MKC

Adult Division Runner Up:  C.A.R.S

Jr. High Division Champions: Pitches Be Crazy

Jr. High Division Runner Up: Pink Bombers

2018 Slugfest Results

2018 Home Run Derby Champions

High School Division: Kyle Mann, Class of 2019

2018 HS Division Champions: Scared Hittless

2018 HS Division Runner Up:  The Units

2018 Adult Division Champions:  Dawgs

2018 Adult Division Runner Up:  MKC Softball

2018 Jr High Division Champions:  Flint Tropics

2018 Jr High Runner Up:  I'd Hit That

2017 Results





2017 High School Champions, Bikini Bottom Bombers

      2017 HR Derby HS Champion, Josh Trahan                        2017 HR Derby Adult Champion, Dennis Mendoza

2017 Adult Champions, 

2017 Jr. High Champions, 

2017 HS Runner Up, D6B

2017 Adult Runner Up, Shake & Bake